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Double Blind Recruiting and what it means to Clients

• We normally keep your firm’s name confidential on the initial approach with candidates and only disclose who you are to a candidate if they indicate a serious willingness to explore a candidacy with your firm and after we pre-qualify the candidate anonymously with you first.

• This keeps your firm’s profile discreet while engaged in a search assignment, an issue that can be vital to a firm that needs to keep such a search confidential within it's own offices or that has a desire not to alert the market to any expansion plans.

• In addition, it screens out candidates who aren’t serious, and, because it also protects the candidates’ privacy, makes prospective candidates more willing to discuss relocation with our firm.

Terms and Fees

We provide the best terms offered by any legal search firm in the United States today.

• Multiple Placement Discounts

• An extended year long payment schedule

• No fault replacement guarantee

• Additional fee reductions for exclusive and retained assignments


Retained and/or exclusive search assignments are usually necessary only for certain searches and additional fee reductions are offered in those cases. Clients may also elect to commission retained or exclusive searches to take advantage of those lower fees. We’d be happy to discuss the various advantages in retained and other exclusive searches.

In House Searches

Because of their narrow focus, In House assignments are accepted only as retained searches, at the usual reduced fee. General Counsel and Staff Attorney searches for any industry as well as the public and non-profit sectors can be accommodated.


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