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Candidate Services
Double Blind Recruiting and what it means to Candidates

We normally keep a clients’ name confidential on the initial approach with candidates and only disclose who they are to a candidate if they indicate a serious willingness to explore a candidacy with our client and after we pre-qualify the candidate anonymously with the client first. This keeps our clients’ profile discreet while engaged in a search assignment and screens out candidates who aren’t serious.

This also protects your privacy and makes it more comfortable and secure for you to discuss relocation with our firm. At no time will our firm ever reveal your name, the name of your firm, or where you went to law school, without your express permission to do so with a specific client. We do not “shotgun” candidates information indiscriminately to firms.


We are experienced with the relocation of candidates both in and out of state. We can meet your needs regardless of where you want you may want to relocate to geographically, in the United States, Canada or Overseas. Inbound candidates are given guidance to make relocation to Nevada as seamless as possible.


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